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We appreciated Gonzo’s thoroughness and professionalism in explaining our options for a new furnace and air conditioning system

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Woodland Hills, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Services by Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning

Keeping comfortable all year long can be a difficult goal to reach, especially living in an area with such extreme weather as LA. No matter what you need to make your home a more efficient, comfortable place to live, the Woodland Hills, CA air conditioning and heating experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Contact us today to discuss the great products and services we have to offer. Your comfort is our top priority, and with our air conditioning and heating system installation options, comprehensive maintenance plans and exceptional repair services we can protect that comfort throughout the year. Call now to learn more.

The Woodland Hills, CA HVAC experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services for heating and cooling systems throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Air Conditioning Service in Woodland Hills, CA

There are few items in your home that are as important as your air conditioning system when the real heat of summer comes down upon us. In order to keep your home cool throughout the worst of it, you must schedule your air conditioning services with a skilled, qualified air conditioning technician. That’s the easy part. Contact us today for exceptional air conditioning service in Woodland Hills. Whether you need a brand new air conditioning installation or replacement, thorough air conditioning maintenance, or an emergency AC repair, we are the company to call.

Heating Service in Woodland Hills, CA

LA is a pretty hot place for a good portion of the year. Do not let this fool you into thinking, however, that your heater is any less important that your air conditioning system. The chill of winter may not be as harsh as the heat of the summer months, but it can still make for some unpleasantly cool nights. When you schedule your heating service in Woodland Hills with Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, you can count on nothing short of an exceptional performance from your heating system. No matter how you choose to heat your home or what issues you may encounter while doing so, you can count on our skilled heating technicians for reliable service.

Solar Service in Woodland Hills, CA

Why not use the power of the sun that always seems to shine on LA to power your home? Some homeowners fail to realize just how diverse the application of solar energy can be. Whether you want to use solar energy for electricity, heating water for your showers or even to heat your pool, the Woodland Hills, CA solar experts on our team have the tools and products necessary to make it happen. Enjoy decreased energy costs while also reducing your environmental impact by going solar in LA.

Water Heater Service in Woodland Hills, CA

Just because it’s so warm in LA doesn’t mean that you want all water in your house to be icy cold. We all need a hot shower in the morning, and you can get the consistent hot water your daily routine demands by scheduling your water heater installation, repair and maintenance with a professional technician on our staff. Do not let subpar services mar the performance of your water heater. When it comes to water heater service in Woodland Hills, CA, we are the experts to turn to.

Commercial HVAC Services in Woodland Hills, CA

Owning commercial property means keeping that property comfortable year round for all within. In order to do so, just schedule commercial HVAC service in Woodland Hills with our technicians. Our staff has the experience and training necessary to complete any commercial HVAC service properly. Do not let something as important as your commercial heating and air conditioning suffer due to poor service quality. Working with us, you will never encounter that issue.