Woodland Hills, CA UV Germicidal Lights

While dirt and dust flying through the air in your home are certainly problematic, they may not be the only airborne pollutants you need to worry about. Many homes suffer from biological pollutants as well, which tend to thrive in the dark interiors of ductwork. This can be a serious concern, especially for homeowners susceptible to respiratory problems. Do not let viruses, mold, bacteria or other biological pollutants build up within the inner workings of your HVAC system. Contact us today to learn if UV germicidal lights in Woodland Hills, CA are right for you. The Woodland Hills UV germicidal light pros have the answers you need.

The Woodland Hills, CA UV germicidal light experts offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

What are UV Germicidal Lights?

UV germicidal lights are lamps which are installed directly into the ductwork of your HVAC system, typically by the air handler. As air passes by these lamps, they emit small, safe amounts of UV (ultraviolet) radiation — well, safe for us. For the biological pollutants which they target, though, this radiation is anything but safe. They are rendered unable to reproduce by the UV germicidal lamps, dying as they try. This is a great way to clean up pollutants which cannot simply be filtered out of the air, as well as an effective method of doing so without the use of any chemicals in the process. For more tips about UV germicidal lights in Woodland Hills, CA, give us a call.

Woodland Hills, CA UV Germicidal Light Installation and Replacement

While UV germicidal lights are actually fairly simple devices, they still require the skill and expertise of a professional for proper installation. Any time your ductwork must be accessed you have to call in a qualified technician. Plus, the lamps will only be effective when spaced and positioned correctly. Do not allow a poor installation to inhibit the operation of your UV germicidal lights. Schedule your UV germicidal light installation in Woodland Hills, CA with a professional HVAC technician on our team.

Should any of your UV germicidal lamps malfunction or break down, we can handle your Woodland Hills, CA UV germicidal light replacement needs. Just give us a call. We have the products you need to protect your home from the threat that biological pollutants pose.

Woodland Hills, CA UV Germicidal Light Repair and Maintenance

Your UV germicidal lights feature no moving parts or motors, so they are generally very reliable. This does not mean that they are 100% failsafe, though. Any HVAC component may break down and require repair eventually. If your UV germicidal lights are damaged, we are the company to call for quality UV germicidal light repair in Woodland Hills, CA.

During routine HVAC maintenance we will also inspect your lamps to ensure proper operation. It is easy to forget about these devices, so it is necessary that their condition be evaluated occasionally. Contact us for UV germicidal light maintenance in Woodland Hills, CA today. We will ensure that you are able to destroy the biological pollutants which threaten your indoor air quality and your health.